How to : Create Your Own Real-time Live Subscriber Counter | BB ki Vines vs Amit Bhadana | Pewdiepie vs T-Series Live

Have you ever wondered how much traffic can we generate if we take part in a live YouTube competition of famous YouTubers like BB ki Vines, Amit Bhadana, T-series, Pewdiepie etc? 

But the question arises, how do we create a live stream and to be precise, how do we create a professional live stream which the audience loves to watch ??

How does other popular YouTubers like CarryMinati and Gamers like Ninja make their live stream so attractive ?? 

So my lovely audience, all their secrets has been explained in this long but friendly and detailed tutorial. Watch the YouTube video embedded above and gain tons of subscribers and views by participating in live streams. Also, visit our YouTube Channel if you wish to see more informative content.

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